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If you are a qualified, skilled and experienced individual wanting to immigrate to Canada, look at what Manitoba has to offer you and your family. Clean air, friendly people and exceptional quality of life. Diverse economies with low unemployment and steady growth. Accessible, high-quality education and health care, affordable housing and world-class art and cultural attractions.
Manitoba is proud of its multicultural heritage and interested in attracting qualified newcomers from around the world to its communities.

The MPNP is an economic program which selects skilled workers who have the training, work experience, and language ability to be employed in Manitoba and make a positive contribution to the provincial economy.

Applicants to the MPNP must be able to can clearly demonstrate that they are employable in Manitoba and have a strong potential to settle successfully and permanently in this province. If you are a skilled worker and are interested in living and working in Manitoba, you have the best chance of being nominated if:

» you have sufficient language ability to begin working soon after arrival
» you have settlement supports in Manitoba to assist you upon your arrival

Applications to the MPNP are assessed under different Assessment Streams, according to the type and strength of your connection to Manitoba.

There are 6 different assessment streams under this PNP. There are 5 priority assessment streams. These streams allow applicants who meet clear criteria indicating that they have strong potential to establish successfully in Manitoba to have their applications assessed more quickly.

There is 1 general assessment stream. This stream features a new adjusted point system so that applicants with a strong connection to Manitoba and demonstrated employability in this province have a greater potential for a successful application.

The assessment streams are briefly described below:

1. Employer Direct Stream
: for applicants with a pre-approved guaranteed offer of employment form an employer who has a prior agreement with the Manitoba PNP to issue jobs to applicants, or for applicants currently working full-time in Manitoba with a job offer.

2. International Student Stream: for applicants who have graduated from a post-secondary education program in Manitoba, have a job offer related to their field of studies and have been issued a post-graduation work permit allowing them to work in Manitoba.

3. Family Support Stream: for applicants with sufficient training, work experience, language ability who have close family members in Manitoba who have completed a Manitoba PNP Affidavit of Support.

4. Community Support Stream: for applicants with sufficient training, work experience and language ability who have a Letter of Support from an organization that has a Community Support Agreement with the Manitoba PNP.

5. Strategic Recruitment Initiative: for applicants with sufficient training, work experience and language ability who meet the requirements of current recruitment initiatives and have received an Invitation to Apply letter from the Manitboba PNP. 6. General Stream: for applicants with sufficient training, work experience, language and with evidence of close relatives in Manitoba, or family-like support from friends and relatives in Manitoba, or previous education or previous work experience in Manitoba. Applicants must score sufficient points for consideration and demonstrate their ability to establish successfully in Manitoba.

Estimated processing time of Manitoba

PNP part is 3-12 months. Estimated time of Federal part is 8-10 months. Total estimated processing time of Manitoba PNP application is 9-20 months from the date the application is submitted.


You are currently working in Manitoba as a temporary foreign worker with a valid temporary work permit and have been working for at least six months.

As an International Student you graduated from a publicly funded Manitoba post-secondary institution in at least a one-year program for which you received a certificate, diploma or degree, you have an offer of a long-term, full-time job from a Manitoba employer and have been working in that job at least six months with a valid post-graduation work permit.

You have been invited to apply under a Strategic Initiative.

You have a strong connection to Manitoba through having family who live in the province, and you meet the following five factors.

1. Age
You are between 21 and 49 years old.
People in this age range can manage the cultural, linguistic and economic challenges involved in moving to work in a new country, including the possible need to retrain or pass rigorous certification or licensing processes for some jobs.

2. Education
You completed secondary (high) school and have at least one year post-secondary education or training for which you earned a post-secondary diploma or degree.
People who have completed some post-secondary education can better meet the qualification requirements of Manitoba employers and adapt to the changing demands of the workplace.

3. Work Experience
You have at least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years.
Having recent employment helps ensure that you have the skills and experience that are in demand in Manitoba, helping you find a job in your intended occupation and increasing your potential for long-term career success.

4. Language Ability
You completed your secondary and post-secondary education in English or French, or scored at least 5 on an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test.
The experience of many thousands of people from around the world who have moved to Manitoba through the MPNP shows that the key challenge of immigrants is they needed better English language skills.

Having at least this level of English, and being willing to improve your language skills, will help you get a good job, participate in training and licensing or certification programs that will help you meet the occupational demands and get ahead in the Manitoba workplace.

5. Adaptability
With your application you must submit a Settlement Plan that explains the steps you will take to establish your career and your home in Manitoba and have your plan endorsed by a close relative who has lived in Manitoba as a permanent resident for at least one year.

Settling in Manitoba as a permanent resident will take a period of adjustment. You need to be able to support yourself and your family during that time. Having the (non-financial) support of family who live in Manitoba will increase your potential for success

Saskatchewan PNP

Skilled Workers

This category is for skilled workers, professionals or managers who have a full-time, permanent job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.  It is divided into two sub-categories:

  • Skilled Workers/Professionals
  • Existing Work Permit


You may qualify to apply under the SINP Skilled Workers Category if:

  • You live outside of Canada or you have proof of legal status in Canada, you are not a refugee claimant and you have the following:

    • An offer of permanent, full-time employment in Saskatchewan either in an occupation or trade in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix level "A", "B" or "0", or in a designated trade in Saskatchewan (Skilled Workers/Professionals Sub-Category).

You may qualify to apply under the SINP Existing Work Permit Category if:

  • You have proof of legal status in Canada, you are not a refugee claimant and you have the following:
    • Have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months on a temporary work permit either in an occupation or trade that is in the NOC Matrix level "A" or "B", or in a designated trade in Saskatchewan excluding trades included in the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project (Existing Work Permit Sub-Category).

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