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New Brunswick Business

Eligibility Requirements

As a Business Applicant:

You are between 22 and 55 years of age. Your age is assessed as of the day your application for permanent residence is received at the NBPNP Office and you are assigned an NBPNP application number.

You have sufficient English and, or French language ability to actively manage a business in New Brunswick. To obtain an objective assessment of your language ability you may be asked to submit an International English Language Testing System General Training (IELTS) or a Test d'Evaluation de Français (TEF). You can use language test results for two years from the time you took the test.

You have, at a minimum, been awarded a high school diploma for education completed after junior/middle school and before college, university and other formal training.
You will live, and operate a business in New Brunswick. You must assume day-to-day management role in the business.

You have relevant and proven management experience in three of the last five years. You must demonstrate prior management experience in the private sector. As a business owner or senior manager you must have significant decision-making responsibility. There must be a link between your management experience and the skills needed to operate your business in New Brunswick.

You demonstrate an understanding of the business environment in New Brunswick. You must gain knowledge of the New Brunswick business environment during your business trip.

You will prepare a business plan of economic benefit to New Brunswick. Your business plan must be approved by an official of the Government of New Brunswick.

You have a personal net worth of at least $300,000 CAD. Personal net worth is defined as the value of total assets, less the value of total liabilities. You must have sufficient funds to start the business and provide for the successful settlement and support of dependent family members for up to two years without third party assistance. The actual amount of funds required by the NBPNP will depend upon the planned business venture in New Brunswick.

You will submit all required forms and supporting documents. If documents provided in support of Selection Factors are missing, incomplete or not able to be verified you will receive a “0” score for that selection factor. Immigration Program Officers have a right to request additional information at any time.

You will submit a signed copy of the Deposit Agreement and a conditionally refundable deposit of $75,000 CAD, prior to nomination. The Deposit Agreement specifies the terms and conditions of your agreement to make a financial investment in a business in New Brunswick.

Business Plan Requirements

A business plan is a written document that explains how the business will operate. It is your responsibility to create and develop a business plan as part of your application.

You have three options when considering a business in New Brunswick:

1. Purchase an existing business
2. Enter into a partnership with a New Brunswick entrepreneur
3. Start a new business
You must control a minimum percentage of equity in the qualifying business, equal to or greater than 33.33%.

Business Investment

You must be prepared to invest at least $125,000 CAD in a business in New Brunswick. Eligible investments include:

» Purchase of land and/or building for business purposes. Appropriate zoning must be in place.
» Expenses for business property or leasehold improvements.
» Moving costs for devices, equipment and goods required for business operation.
» Purchase of manufacturing equipment.
» Purchase of raw materials, components and/or supplies.
» Purchase of tools and devices required to conduct business activity.
» Purchase of furniture and equipment required to operate a business in the hospitality sector.
» Purchase of a vehicle that is primarily used for business purposes. The amount must be pro-rated to reflect actual business use and a log similar to that used for income tax purposes is required.
» Purchase of office equipment, computers and similar equipment.
» Expenses for professional services in connection with establishing the business.
» Expenses for marketing and promotions.
» urchase of initial inventory.
» Intellectual property.

» Home based business ventures up to 10% of the total home purchase price, to a maximum of $ 20,000 CAD. This includes home improvements and renovations.

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